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Summer Camping Vacays

July 31, 2020

By: Sarah Dudziak

Where are Ohio families fleeing to this summer? August is always popular for last-minute, long weekend getaways; especially before school districts announce their plans for the upcoming school year. Three Ohio spots continue to be the most popular among Ohio campers.

Clay's Park Resort.jpg

Located in the Canton area, this resort campground boasts a gorgeous water park that has awed our renters. It also has very spacious lots, lending to the social distancing mandates. Additionally, it has an indoor pool and restaurant. Clay's Park hosts numerous events at the campground, including Country Fest and Yankee Peddler. 

East Harbor_edited.jpg

With a multitude of Ohio State Parks to visit in our region, East Harbor is a noteworthy one to visit. With one of the largest campgrounds, this camping experience will bring you back to nature as you enjoy long walks, beach access, and fishing. There are also miles of trails throughout the park perfect for hiking, jogging, or biking. 

Mohican Gorge Overlook_edited.jpg

One of the best outdoor recreational areas in Ohio, Mohican brings all ages to the hills of North Central Ohio. The river itself allows for relaxing canoe, raft, and tubing trips all day long. If you are up for some serious terrain hiking, stop at Mohican State Park for an afternoon. With numerous private campgrounds lining Wally Road, there is a place for every family who wants to enjoy this outdoor adventure. 

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