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Spring Break Camping Trips

February 23, 2021

By: Sarah Dudziak

Ready for a break?  The benefit of RV travel is having a place to do virtual homework from anywhere. Or, maybe you just want to escape to somewhere warm! Check out these spring travel ideas for your getaway...

Bird Watching.jpeg
Gulf of Mexico, TX

The gulf is the perfect spring getaway for bird watchers. Various birds fly south for the winter season and are occupying a vast area of woodlands, beaches, and islands. An RV trip south before mid-April is the ideal time to catch these beautiful creatures before they migrate again. Check out Bird Watcher's Digest for where to see the best birds.

Walt Disney World.jpeg
Walt Disney World, FL

After a long year at home, a nice family vacation to Disney is just what you need. Walt Disney World is accepting reservations to visit its parks and taking measures to protect its guests. After seeing a Mickey and Minnie parade head back to Fort Wilderness Campground and relax at the pool or at your campsite with a warm fire.

White Water Rafting.jpeg
Beuna Vista, CO

Colorado white water rafting begins in April, which is the most exciting time to raft because of the spring-run off from the mountains. This perfect outdoor playground is sure to make a memorable vacation. Begin planning your adventure and crash at a locally owned campground after a long day on the river.

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