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Saving for Your Summer Getaway

February 1, 2019

By: Sarah Dudziak

Clay's Park Resort.jpg

Clay's Park Resort, North Lawrence, OH

It's cold outside! So, most of us probably want to stay inside with a cozy blanket and binge-watch our favorite TV show. But, we can only wear the same pair of pajamas for so long before we want to rejoin society. And, this normally results in us spending lots of money on the weekends---eating out, going to the theater, or having a bowling night. Everyone needs a fun night out, but don't spend your money every weekend out of boredom.

This is the time to be saving for the warm weather! Otherwise, come Memorial Day Weekend, you'll be ready to go enjoy the summer and have $20 in your vacation fund. So, what should you be doing???

Open a vacation account. Having an actual bank account gives you a place to store your money, where it's not as easy to grab a twenty-spot for the pizza you ordered. Plus, you can direct deposit a set amount from your paycheck into this account.

Save your change. For those of us who have a religious, daily coffee run and always get $0.99 back, hang on to that change. Designate a change jar at home and throw any loose change in there. You'll be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Restrict your spending. Instead of hitting the bar with your friends, have a night-in where everyone brings something. Changing your spending habits is a surefire way to start seeing results.

Save your rewards. Let your credit cards just do their thing. Allow them time to save up their rewards and collect cashback. Don't take them until you are ready to put that deposit on your vacay.

Get a side-hustle. There are so many ways to make extra cash to save. Take surveys on Swagbucks and win gift cards. Get cashback on every tank of gas with GetUpside. Or start your own side biz based on a hobby you enjoy - refereeing, social media managing, or selling crafts! 

Make vacation a priority. You deserve this! Don't put off saving for other things that you may not need. It is up to you to plan a great summer getaway, or just have some extra cash for spontaneous outings during the summer. Start saving!

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