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Post-Christmas RV Shopping

January 3, 2019

By: Sarah Dudziak

Post Christmas Shopping.png

After the fervor of the holidays has passed and you've gained at least 10 pounds, you'll need to de-stress from talking to so many family members ... Retail stores are organizing a large clearance section full of discounted items that can be recycled for the upcoming camping season. Here is a list of items that you should buy NOW for future use!

  • Christmas lights: Every camper knows it's all about the decorations on your RV. Pick up some lights for your awning, and "out-decorate" your neighbor.

  • Extension cords and adapters: There are always leftovers. Having an extra extension cord for emergencies is extremely beneficial.

  • Holiday scented soaps and candles: Who cares what kind of soap you use in the camper, as long as it smells good.

  • Winter paper products and plastic silverware: Same as the soap, no one minds if they eat off a snowman or Christmas tree, as long as it's clean.

  • Kitchen Appliances: Let's face it ... cooking in an RV kitchen can be frustrating. Having a crock-pot or air fryer is so handy. This is such a popular "mom gift" during Christmas so there are usually many leftovers. 

  • Linens: Including towels, sheets, and blankets. These go on sale to make room for spring styles, which allows you to buy cozy blankets for crisp starry nights.

  • Mattresses: Mattress retailers typically have sales when consumers have time off of work, especially during the holidays. So, get that new bed for your camper!

  • Rugs and Carpets: Similar to linens, old rugs are substituted for fresher styles. Find a nice outdoor carpet or welcome mat.

  • Storage bins and boxes: These are popular home improvement gifts and are commonly overstocked. Having extra storage bins can help keep your camper organized and make it easy to find things.

  • Vacuum Cleaners: Who would ever think of this? But, a small handheld vacuum would be easy to store and helpful for messes in the RV. Another discounted item, post-Christmas.

  • Batteries: Stores usually get more than they sell for children's toys. It's great to have backup when your outdoor lantern goes out.

  • TVs: TVs are like cars. The new model will replace the old models. Therefore, last year's TV will be on sale to make room for the new ones. Who doesn't like to tailgate with a big screen TV outside of their RV in October?​​

Keep in mind, don't buy something just because it's a great deal. Buy it because you actually need it or really want it, but know that it will be something you use. Also, make sure you are searching ads, coupons, and price-checking with other retailers to get the best deal. Lastly, have a budget. Having a list can help keep you from throwing more items into your cart. Happy shopping!

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