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Mother's Day Camping Gift Ideas

May 6, 2019

By: Sarah Dudziak

Camping season is here! So why not get mom something that she will actually use? Plus, these are gifts that she didn't know she needed and will make her ask what she was doing before she had them. So, read our top seven camping gifts for Mother's Day and pick the one that suits her best!


Let mom just hang out with a good book or lay under the summer sun listening to some music. This is a perfect gift that reminds your mom to take time for herself to relax.


Any type of decor that will match the theme in your mom's RV will be appreciated. Not only are there so many cute decorations and RV related items, but they are very easy to find and make her RV homier.

Camping T-Shirt.jpeg

Many adorable graphic tees, pants, and pajamas are for sale. These are comfy clothes that she can wear on a lazy day and still look cute.


For the adventurous moms, this sticker map is something they will love. Not only is it fun for her to conquer all the states, but she will enjoy having a visual reminder of the memories she makes.

Drying Rack.jpg

A portable, folding rack is perfect for all avid campers. It really beats having to find trees to tie a string to or trying to hang a whole basket of clothes on the RV ladder.


This is a gift that your mom will not know she needed until she has it. Skillets are so convenient, especially when it's nice outside and you don't want to be cooped up in the camper cooking over the hot stove.

Road Adventures.jpg

Get a gift card toward your mom's next camping adventure. Call Road Adventures to order a gift certificate.

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