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Options to Winterize Your RV 

November 1, 2019

By: Angela Dudziak

winterization drive thru.jpeg

Winterization Drive-Thru at Neff Bros RV, October 2021

If you are a new RV owner ... YES!!!! You must winterize your RV if you plan on leaving it in climate conditions that are below freezing the next handful of months. I recommend winterizing NO LATER THAN the weekend after Thanksgiving. This has been my "Go-To" date for the last 15 years. I never winterize my rental fleet before the Ohio State - Michigan football rivalry. It's a rule of thumb that has proved me right. I do also recommend, having your water lines at least drained or blown out by November 1st. This gives you the flexibility to at least get that one last camping trip or hunting trip in before zipping the RV completely up for the cold blast of winter.


There are numerous videos online that detail how to winterize your camper. However, there are other options if you do not want to do it yourself. If you are a permanent or seasonal resident at a campground, ask the campground office. Many campgrounds have partnerships with service technicians who will service your camper on-site. You can also schedule an appointment at a dealer or service department, but this tends to be the most expensive option. OR, bring your camper to the Wahlberg Airstream & RV Winterization Drive-Thru event held every October and November. Browse our parts store while you wait for your $99 winterization to be completed and then take your RV right to storage.

For more information on winterizing check out this article from American Family Insurance

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